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We promote Music as a Universal Language of Global Empathy and Global Harmony and we hope to nurture a positive view of our philosophy, a   phenomenon referred to as "Globalism", often wrongly confused with its, sometimes, licentious offshoot,  "Globalization".


Over a decade ago it was a status and an identity thing for the unfazed to assert her traveled taste in music, but with the mainstream media co-opting, thereby commercializing, the sounds of some of the leading figures of this cross-cultural phenomenon, a sense of the cliché, a pretentiousness and an ensuing dismissive-ness is permeating the scene.Globalista Radio is out to halt this dismissive-ness and re-awaking the cool in other-ness. We shall make it possible to check out the previously inaccessible funky and rebel music from the

nooks of our globe and in the process undermine the lobotomizing machines of the industry’s ruthless

monopolies. Consequently, we hope to allow you

to find more of your life’s, or musical, epiphanies

We are talking the current Urban sounds

played in cafes, lounges and clubs of the

major metropolis - NY, Paris, London, Rio,

Lagos, Mumbai, Cairo, Berlin etc.; 70's

seminal funk vibes and its Global

progenies; Ethnic folk and classical

sounds for night-time dreaming and

ruminations; And all things sexy,

sensual and trance-inducing from

your favorite cultures.