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We promote Music as a Universal Language of Global Empathy and Global Harmony and we hope to nurture a positive view of our philosophy, a   phenomenon referred to as "Globalism", often wrongly confused with its, sometimes, licentious offshoot,  "Globalization".


Globalista Radio is the brainchild of Ayo Osinibi, a globa-cultural miscegenator, who spent his first decade in NY city promoting the universal language of music from his ‘Multi Kulti’ record store in the middle of Greenwich Village. His logic was that different ethnic music convey shared human emotions and are often composed with the same sense of purpose in the mind of the musician/composer and these purposes can fairly often be distinguished by their evoked emotions, even in one who is a stranger to the culture. But of course the esoteric meanings, particularly in the lyrics, can be better discerned by

watching how the locals react to their music.

This, we believe, is one of many paths to

developing one’s sense of universal

empathy, aesthetically and spiritually.

New York city by its mix-culture

constituency has had no choice

but to seek a holy grail of

equitable cross-ethnic

inclusiveness and to promote

cultural understanding.

This has been an over-arching

goal for its policy makers.

What better way to facilitate

this than by increasing people’s

recognition of their 'cool'

identities in their kinship with

another’s cultural aesthetic.